Upon Check In

All sleep in must give out their ID upon check in.
Check In is at 12:00pm midday, and Check Out is at 10:00am the next day.
Visitors if allowed, must report to reception and are subject to an additional fee.
We ask for a deposit of 10’000LL to return the key upon check out.
Drunk or immoral behavior is not accepted.

Sound and Music

Ambient noise and low music are allowed until 12:am on weekdays, and 2:00 am on weekends.
Loud music and sound systems are not allowed. Please respect the tranquility in the camping, ensure your noise is contained by the space you have rented, respect your neighbor.
During specific event, loud music can be allowed if complied under the camping’s regulations and the Lebanese law.


No fire camp allowed.
Barbecue is permitted with charcoal and in a BBQ grill only. Minimise fire risk by ensuring there are no trees above the grill, and that ashes are completely extinguished before throwing them away. Always have water nearby.


Parking is free when renting a room; we are not responsible for any damage or theft happening in the parking.
Please park in designated areas only. No parking in the tent area.

Environmentally responsible

Think Nature friendly; moderate your consumption of water and electricity.
Only environmentally (biodegradable) soap should be used for outside showers (our little soaps are bio).
Don’t break glasses on the cliff nor throw cigarette butts on the floor.
Ensure that your garbage doesn’t get accumulated inside or outside the rented area. Please dispose of the waste in the bins provided.
Please do not make any changes, alterations, additions, improvements or decorations to the premises either internally or externally.
Dishes should be washed up when used in kitchens.


Children must be supervised at the all times.
Children must be supervised in the private swimming pool.
Please respect the limit of the cliff.
Swimming in the sea or the private swimming pools is at your own responsibility. Do not risk, be safe. Ask at the reception for the weather.
For everyone’s safety, pets are not allowed.


We are not responsible for lost or stolen objects in the Camping, valuables can be kept in the safe at reception, found belongings will be kept for one month only.
The beach is a public property. We do not accept entrance fees to the beach without accommodation. Swimming is at your own responsibility, don’t risk ask at the reception for the weather.
Campers are not allowed to carry out activities or to make money without taking permission.
It is strictly prohibited, the use of illicit drugs, and arms, abuse of alcohol and nudism.
Guests are not allowed to ask for services from staff member. Tips are forbidden.
Do not wear or act in a way that is susceptible to shock and upset neighbors or children. Political and religious debates are forbidden.
Any damage or theft in the camping can result in paying a compensation fee.
Any person who violates these guidelines will be asked to leave the premises and may not be welcome back.
During catering and alcohol selling events in the camping, we are not responsible of declaring the taxes on profit made by a third party.

Cancellation policy

All payment is upon check in and prices are non-negotiable.
All bookings that exceed 300$ require a deposit for half the amount of the total bill in order to secure the reservation.
Full refund is given (minus 10% VAT) if cancellation is received 72 hours prior to the arrival day. No-shows and cancellation received less than 72 hours before will not be subject to refund, unless stated otherwise.