Burkini swimsuit is not allowed in the swimming pool.

Swimming Pool

09:00 - 23:00

Same Day Visitors, who just want to spend a day at the resort with access to the swimming pool, beach and other facilities. Please read the prices below according to the day of the week.

Weekday Prices

  • $10 for Adults
  • $5 for Kids (Under 12 years old)
  • Kids under 3 years old are free of charge

Weekend Prices

  • $15 for adults
  • $7 for Kids (Under 12 years old)
  • Kids under 3 years old are free of charge

The following Rules and Regulations are for the benefit of all our guests to insure safe and sanitary operation of the pool. We need you cooperation in following these conditions.


  • The bracelet must be worn visibly to have access to the swimming pool
  • The use of appropriate swimming clothes for swimming pools is required (fully clothed guests may not stay by the pool)
  • It is obligated to take a shower each time before you enter the water
  • The instructions of the lifeguard have to be obeyed
  • The pool must be vacated by 23:00
  • Immoral behavior, aggression, drunkenness or sexual harassment will not be tolerated.
  • Waste has to be disposed of in the trash bins
  • Please watch your kids at all times
  • No outside foods and drinks allowed in the pool area. You may enjoy dining options from our restaurant and bar


  • Access is prohibited to children less than 12 years of age without the company of an adult.
  • Children who can’t swim must use the small pool only
  • Speakers or music is not allowed
  • Eating and drinking is not allowed in and around the swimming pool (except plastic)
  • Smoking and shishas are not allowed in and around the swimming pool
  • Glass and other breakable objects are not allowed in and around the 
swimming pool (cups, bottles etc. …)
  • Pets are forbidden in and around the pool
  • The use of scuba diving goggles and fins, as well as (inflatable) balls, toys 
and airbeds is prohibited
  • It is not allowed to jump or dive in the water. Or to push other people under water, or climb on top of 
each other
  • It is not allowed to spill fluids and other products into the water.
  • It is forbidden to use oily lotions in and around the pool
  • Access is prohibited to people with contagious diseases


  • Enjoy the sun with moderation, always use a sunscreen and take a shower each time before you enter the water.
  • Children always have to be under surveillance of an adult and may not be lost out of sight.
  • Don’t let small children play too close to the large basin that is not suitable to them.

Important information

  • Camping “Les Colombes” may not be held responsible for lost or damaged valuables. Found objects will be be kept at the restaurant.
  • The swimming pool reserves the right to grant or deny access. Every user 
agrees with the internal rules and regulations of the campsite and the 
swimming pool.
 failing to do so may result in removal without refund.
  • Staff is authorized to remove people from the swimming pool premises and 
the campsite if rules are infringed or instructions from the lifeguards are not followed. Also for any behavior that causes damage to other people or object.
  • The area is under camera surveillance.