The restaurant and bar are closed for a winter break… But still you can bring your own food! More details

Get ready for delicious tastes. Either delivered to your comfortable sunbeds under the exotic umbrellas, or let us welcome you in our restaurant overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, or take advantage of our exclusive room services and let us deliver a meal to remember to your bungalow.

Our restaurant is open from 8 am till 11 pm

Have a meal delivered to your room, WhatsApp or
Click to call 71430337

Burgers 180,000 LBP

French Fries 70,000 LBP

Pizzas 160,000 LBP

Cold Sandwiches 80,000 LBP

Salads 100,000 LBP

Seasonal fruit plates 100,000 LBP

Corn on the cob 50,000 LBP

Chips 20,000 LBP

Croissant 25,000 LBP

Ice Cream Vanilla 1L 150,000

Vanilla Oreo Milkshake 75,000 LBP

Lotus Crisp Milkshake 85,000, LBP

Iced Coffee 55,000 LBP

Melon Juice 50,000 LBP

Watermelon Juice 50,000 LBP

Orange Juice 50,000 LBP

Lemonade 50,000 LBP

Minted Lemonade 50,000 LBP

Ginger Ce Tea 50,000 LBP

Water Big 25,000 LBP

Water Small 15,000 LBP

Almaza 33cl 50,000 LBP

Almaza Light 33cl 50,000 LBP

Mexican Beer 60,000 LBP

Soft Drinks 30,000 LBP

Ice Tea 40,000 LBP

Perrier 30,000 LBP

Perrier Lemon 30,000 LBP

Energy Drink 40,000 LBP

Red Bull 90,000 LBP

Dark Blue 50,000 LBP

H2oh 30,000 LBP

Tropicana 30,000 LBP

Mr Juicy 20,000 LBP

Instant Coffee 30,000 LBP

Nescafé 30,000 LBP

Cappuccino 45,000 LBP

Tea 20,000 LBP

Turkish Coffee (S/M/L) 40,000/50,000/60,000 LBP

Iced Coffee 55,000 LBP

Gin Tonic 160,000 LBP

Gin Basil 160,000 LBP

Moscow Mule 160,000 LBP

Mojito 160,000 LBP

Vodka 7up 160,000 LBP

Jamaica 160,000 LBP

Vodka Energy 160,000 LBP

Pina Colada 160,000 LBP

Blue Lagoon 160,000 LBP

Martini 200,000 LBP

Midori Sour 200,000 LBP

Ginger Absinthe 200,000 LBP

Negroni 200,000 LBP

Old Fashioned 200,000 LBP

jager Bomb 200,000 LBP

Rosemary Whiskey Sour 200,000 LBP

Rhum And Coke 200,000 LBP

Long Island 200,000 LBP

Tequila Sunrise 200,000 LBP

Whiskey Premium Glass 200,000 LBP

Whiskey Regular Glass 150,000 LBP

Ksara Wine glass 90,000 LBP

Vodka Zubrowska Bottle 500,000 LBP

Vodka Petrovskaya Bottle 1L 600,000 LBP

Vodka Russian Standard Bottle 900,000 LBP

Vodka Russian Standard Bottle 900,000 LBP

Vodka Smirnoff Red Bottle 900,000 LBP

Gin Gata Bottle 600,000 LBP

Gin Ginbey Bottle 600,000 LBP

Gin Gordons Bottle 1,200,000 LBP

Whiskey Red Label Bottle 1,500,000 LBP

Whiskey Black Label Bottle 2,000,0000 LBP

Ksara Bottle 75cl 300,000 LBP

Ksara Sunset Bottle 37.5cl 170,000 LBP

Tequila Jose Cuervo Bottle 2,000,000 LBP

Jagermeister Bottle 1L 2,000,000 LBP

Lemonade 150,000 LBP

Gin Basil 400,000 LBP

Mojito 400,000 LBP

Jamaica 400,000 LBP

Tequila Shot 180,000 LBP

Jagermeister Shot 140,000 LBP

Absinthe 180,000 LBP

Vodka Russian Standard Shot 140,000 LBP

Cork Fee Bottle Charge 200,000/300,000 LBP

Ice Bucket 50,000 LBP

Nuts 15,000 LBP

Carrots 15,000 LBP

Ice Cup 20,000 LBP

Hot Water 10,000 LBP